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2012 - Secrets Revealed Chapter 3 Section 2

Mother Earth as a living organism, Her Nadis and Chakras

Just as all human beings are equipped with the non-physical spiritual organs in the form of the Kundalini system, our mother Earth too is a living, breathing, organism complete with all the seven Chakras, the Kundalini Shakti and the three Nadis.

As I said earlier, the two polar chakras, the Mooladhara and the Sahasraara, are the only two chakras that are not inside the body. The Mooladhara or the Root Chakra is at the base of the spine. In some texts it is mentioned as located at the perineum. In a sense, both are true. The dormant Kundalini shakti lies coiled three and half times, around the anus with its head poised to penetrate the Mooladhara and its tail at the perineum.
The Sahasraara or the Crown chakra is at a point slightly above the head.
Now, in my Chapter 2 video on the Hendaye cross and Kailash, I had disclosed what I believe are the locations of the Root and Crown chakras of Earth. Just to recap, I think the root chakra of Earth is at the Sacred Valley in Cusco, Peru and the crown chakra is Mount Kailash in Tibet. Let us relook once more at the synchronicities of these two places, which clearly hint to their uniquely sacred nature.
The Sacred Valley in Cusco is at the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth, just as the Root Chakra is in a ‘Valley’ of our body in our lower half. Near the Root Chakra are the two genitals of our body from where the dual nadis, the Ida and Pingala commence. Similarly, near the sacred valley are two lakes, the Laguna Piuray and the Laguna Huaypo from where the corresponding nadis of Earth commence. Since the Root Chakra is one end of the Sushumna, the Sacred Valley itself is the Southern end of the Earth’s Sushumna.
And in the northern hemisphere is Mount Kailash, the crown chakra. Near Mount Kailash are also two lakes the Manasarovar and the Rakshas Tal. Manasarovar and Rakshas Tal though much bigger are almost identical in shape with their polar counterparts, Piuray and Huaypo. These lakes near Kailash represent the sun and the moon and are also equivalent to the two eyes of the human body.
Mount Kailash, being the crown chakra, is the point of planetary Ascension.
The Ajna chakra, or the third eye of Earth is at a point beneath these two lakes. Deep within these lakes are also portals that connect to the lakes at Cusco.
As I have mentioned in my Chapter 2 video on the Hendaye cross, Kailash and Cusco are separated by 153 degrees of longitude. 153, like 13 is an Ascension number of great importance. Please refer to my Chapter 2 video to know more about its numerical peculiarities and spiritual significance. As I have said, 153 is a separation number. That is it denotes the degree of separation between the two polar chakras of Earth. Now let us see if 153 has a corresponding significance to the human body.

In the case of the human being, our reality is primarily composed of the (1) tangible physical reality that we perceive through our senses during the waking state and the (2) intangible subconscious reality that we experience during sleep and alternate states of samadhi and spiritual bliss. Therefore, to find out the degree of separation between our root and crown chakras, we must consider the physical separation and spiritual separation.

The spiritual separation is defined by the Kundalini system of seven chakras and each activated chakra carrying the three energies, the Prana, the Apana and the Kundalini. Now, in the activated crown chakra, although there is no Ida and Pingala, the Prana, Apana and Kundalini do exist as separate entities within the Sushumna. Therefore, the number for the spiritual degree of separation between the two polar chakras is 21, which is the product of 7 (chakras) and 3 (energies).

As for the physical separation, the physical equivalent of the Kundalini system is clearly the human vertebral column. And this vertebral column is generally composed of 33 individual vertebrae, which are the equivalent of the Chakras.

The number 33 is another number that has tremendous significance in all the major religions and spiritual traditions of the world. It also holds a deep occult and mystical importance. I will not be going into that since that is a subject by itself.

Now we know that the physical reality that surrounds us and that we perceive is composed of the 4 dimensions of space-time. Each of the 33 vertebrae carries the information of this surrounding 4 dimensional reality. Therefore the number for the physical degree of separation for between the two polar chakras is 132, being the product of 33 (vertebrae) and 4 (dimensions).

Thus we see that the overall separation number in the case of the human body is also strangely 153, being the sum of the spiritual separation number, 21 and the physical separation number 132. This to me, is a wonderful synchronicity that relates man to his planetary mother, Earth.

Also, if you ascribe the first seven prime numbers to the seven chakras, such that for the 1st chakra, that is the Mooladhara, we assign the first prime 2, for the second chakra, we assign the second prime 3 and so on until for the crown chakra we assign the seventh prime, which is 17. Now 17 is directly related to 153. I had highlighted this in Chapter 2 also. The sum of the first 17 counting numbers will give you 153.

This is precisely why the Hendaye cross has 17 flutes in the column that connects Kailash represented by the pedestal and Cusco, represented by the Cross. The Hendaye cross is as much a representation of the Kundalini system of the human body as for that of our mother planet.
17 here, is a connecting number that further reinforces the link between the Kundalini system and the Earth.

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2012 - Secrets Revealed Chapter 3 Section 1

I have uploaded the first section dealing with Spirituality, Love and Service in the context of the Kundalini System.
The transcript and the embedded videos are given below:

Part 1

In my previous videos, I have touched upon the significance of the Kailash-Manasarovar area in Tibet. I had outlined why, I think it will be an important place of refuge, in the coming times upto, and immediately after 2012. In this video, I will be going in detail about this, and will be examining the following:

1. An overview of the seven chakras and the Kundalini shakti. I feel this is necessary to understand the significance of Kailash.
2. Mother Earth as a living organism, Her Nadis and Chakras.
3. Peculiarities of the Kailash region and its spiritual significance.
4. Strange alignments of our major spiritual centres with Kailash.
5. Does Kailash as the "Place of Refuge" mean that we have to be there physically in order to survive 2012?
6. Ascension and thereafter. What is in store after 2012.

An overview of the Kundalini Shakti, and the mystical origin of the number 13.

Just as all human beings, whether male or female, have within them the organs of physical and mental development, they also carry within them, the organs of spiritual development. The Kundalini Shakti, along with the seven Chakras, and the three Nadis together constitute, our spiritual organs that are necessary for the soul’s spiritual evolution. Just as the soul is non-physical in nature, these organs too are non-physical.

If the Kundalini, can be likened to the spiritual energy of our souls, the three Nadis are the channels through which, this energy and its aspects, must ascend for our souls to evolve. And the seven chakras, can be likened to the major gates along the central Nadi, the Sushumna, through which the Kundalini must pass, in order to complete the Ascension process. The fundamental goal of Man, is this Ascension. And the progression of the soul, from birth to Ascension does not only constitute the soul’s life, but also it’s Evolution, Time and Change.

The Sushumna can be termed as the Spiritual Highway of the soul. The other two major nadis are the Pingala and the Ida, which are channels for the Prana and the Apana components of the life force. The Pingala and Ida channels together with the Prana/Apana energies that they carry are representations of the duality within us, much like the Yang and Yin of the Chinese.

While the Prana and Pingala represent the masculine or the solar energy, the Apana and Ida stand for the feminine or lunar energy. Like two serpents, they twist around the central Sushumna starting at the testicles or ovaries. At the Ajna chakra, which is the sixth chakra, they finally meet with the Sushumna and merge into it. So the path from the sixth to the seventh (and final) chakra, which is the Sahasraara is devoid of all dualities. That is, when ones Kundalini passes the Ajna chakra all dualities, both internal and external, are conquered.

When one reaches this stage, the person even ceases to identify with any particular gender. He or she is no longer male or female. Since the dual channels of “action”, the Pingala and Ida no longer exists, the individual whose Kundalini transcends the sixth chakra, drifts in a state of blissful inaction. Unplanned and thoughtless, the adept moves from moment to moment in a state of wait for the final Ascension that is the transcension of the Sahasraara.

Except for the Sahasraara, all the other six chakras are under the influence of duality, since the Pingala and Ida traverses them. Therefore each of these six chakras have a dual counterpart. Positive and negative aspects or female and male aspects. This duality is even physically manifested in the organs in the vicinity of these chakras as shown here.

(Please see the video)

Thus the six chakras and their dual counterparts plus the singular Sahasraara together make up 13 chakras. This is why 13 is such a mystical number.

The function of the opposing energies, the Prana and Apana, are to raise Kundalini through the Sushumna. Although they are opposing, they are complementary in nature. With each harmonic tug the Prana and Apana work to lift the Kundalini.

During the spiralling ascent of the Prana and Apana energies in the Pingala and Ida channels, they come closest to each other at the Chakra points. The Kundalini is effectively pulled upwards along the Sushumna by the opposing Prana and Apana energies. Just as a spark is emitted when the positive and negative terminals of a car battery are brought close enough to each other, a spiritual spark is created at the Chakra points when the Prana and Apana are close enough. This spark activates the particular Chakra. This also causes the Pingala and Ida channels to emit simultaneous bursts of energies emanating from the points where these channels penetrate the Chakra. Concentric waves of energies, like the circular ripples formed on the water surface when two similarly sized pebbles are dropped on it. These two energy rings intersect each other forming the Vesica Piscis pattern. This is the true significance of the Vesica Piscis. The opposing Prana and Apana energies within the Pingala, Ida channels as they spiral upwards also look identical to the Yang and Yin pattern when viewed from the top. This is also how the Yang and Yin is a derivative of the Kundalini System.

A wonderful analogy can be found in the Samudhra Mandhana or the Ocean Churning, episode in the Hindu Puranas. In the story, the Devas (gods) & the Asuras (demons) got together to churn the ocean of milk to extract the elixir of immortality that lay hidden in the depths. They used the mountain Mandhara as the churning tool, placed on Vishnu in the form of the giant tortoise, Kurma. Vasuki, the giant serpent was used as the rope twisted around the mountain Mandhara. The gods and the demons on either side tugged at the serpent, which in turn caused the mountain to spin clockwise and anticlockwise thus churning the ocean. Fourteen great treasures arose from the ocean depths. The last two, the heavenly physician Dhanvantari and the nectar of immortality, Amrit, appear together. Dhanvantari carrying Amrit.
Here, the entire process of churning stands for the spiritual evolution of the seeker. The ocean of milk is nothing but the consciousness of the seeker. The mountain Mandhara represents the Sushumna, which forms the channel for the Kundalini characterized by the serpent Vasuki. Vishnu in the form of Kurma that provided the base for the mountain represents love. Therefore, Love must be the base for any spiritual quest. The opposing Prana and Apana energies are the Gods and Demons on either side tugging at Vasuki. The positive and negative aspects of ourselves. Although it is generally said that there were 14 treasures, the last two maybe treated as one, since they appear together. Thus the 13 treasures stand for the 13 chakras.

This 12 plus 1, 13 is so endemic in our day to day life that we often fail to notice it. The passage of time is especially marked by cycles of 13.

For instance, if you look at your analog watch, you see its circular face divided into 12 divisions. The 12 divisions are in six pairs, each division paired with its diametrically opposite counterpart. Thus 12 has 6, 1 has 7, 2 has 8 and so on. Now you might ask where is the 13th division? The 13th is none other than the current moment, represented by the hour hand, which moves through the 12 divisions. The hour hand represents time itself moving cyclically through the 12 divisions and uniting them thus.

Part 2

Similarly we have 12 months in a year and our mother planet moving through the 12 months unites them.

In our sky we have 12 constellations of the Zodiac plus the thirteenth hidden one Ophiuchus interestingly titled as the Serpent Bearer.

In Kabbala, Metatron is represented by 13 circles comprising of one central circle, 6 inner circles and 6 outer circles.

The Mayans too divided time in cycles of 13 and 20.

For the Tibetans too 13 is of great mystical significance.

Jesus Christ had 12 apostles and together they made a group of 13. In Da Vinci’s famous “Last Supper”, Jesus is shown seated in the middle with 6 apostles on either side. It is interesting to note that in the painting, Da Vinci had portrayed the six apostles on either side clumped in groups of three.

The first three Chakras, the Muladhara, Swadhisthana and Manipura are the Chakras of the lower self, which govern the materialistic survival and pleasures of the body, such as digestion, sex etc.

The next three Chakras, the Anahata, Vishuddha and the Ajna are for the higher functions of the soul such as unconditional love, discrimination and knowledge.

In the western world, 13 is often regarded as unlucky since it is believed to represent death. The 13th card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck is Death. Death is also a form of Ascension which all must eventually undergo. But the Ascension acquired through the raising of the Kundalini is achieved while one is alive. Just as Jesus ascended bodily to heaven.

The Caduceus, which has two serpents twisting around the staff of Hermes is a clear representation of the Kundalini system. The two serpents are the Pingala and Ida nadis and the staff, the Sushumna. Wings sprout above the high point where the serpents meet with the staff, signifying Ascension.

The placement of the Chakras within the human body is also interesting. It is important to note that except for the two polar chakras, the Mooladhara and the Sahasraara, all other Chakras are within the body. The Mooladhara chakra is at the perineum, the point between the genitals and the anus. The Sahasraara lies at a point slightly above the head. Since these two chakras are at the extremities, they are termed as the Polar Chakras.

The lower three Chakras, Muladhara, Swadhisthana and Manipura are in the lower torso and in most humans these are activated since these govern the physical survival of the individual, material, and other selfish pursuits. These Chakras rule our earthly dharmas and are the absorbers of the resultants Karmas.

As we go to the next Chakra, the fourth Anahata, there is a clear demarcation in the form of the diaphragm that separates the lower torso from the upper torso. This physical barrier tells us that the rise from Swadhisthana to Anahata is not an easy one.

Not only is the body widest at the Anahata, the Anahata rules over the largest bodily space since it is the only Chakra in the upper torso.

Therefore it is no surprise that the Anahata, which stands for unconditional love firmly resides within the heart, the organ associated with love. This large space that is governed by the Anahata is a clear indication of the expansiveness of Love. The heart not only pumps blood but also Love to each cell of our body.

And from our upper torso as if emanating from the centre of our heart rises our hands like two great rivers. Our hands are the organs of action, and since they originate from the Chakra of Love, our hands must act only for Love. And this action of unconditional Love is termed Service.

The Anahata can be activated only through selfless service brought about by unconditional Love. Just as the blood that is pumped by the heart, unconditional Love too is of a liquid nature. It must originate in our hearts and flow out through our hands in the form of service.

Whereas blood is the liquid that the heart pumps throughout our body, Love is the liquid that our hearts pump throughout the world.

Love is the lifeblood of the world.

Therefore Love must never be allowed to stagnate. Stagnation of Love causes our Mother Earth to suffer. Through strife, through unrest, through hatred.

Anahata, as you may notice, is the fourth Chakra. There are three above and three below and therefore it is the central Chakra. It is in the intersection of the Heavens above and the Earth below.

It is interesting to note that the symbol for the Anahata is a six pointed Shatkona inscribed in a twelve petalled green lotus. The Shatkona, which is identical to the Jewish Star of David is a symbol for the perfect union of the masculine and feminine form. Thus the individual whose Anahata is activated achieves a perfect inner balance between his or her masculinity and feminity. He or she loves everyone equally and intensely. In some cases male seekers with an activated Anahata may begin to exhibit homoerotic tendencies. And female seekers with open heart chakras may become asexual in nature. It is natural and should not be suppressed or condemned. It is just love expressing itself differently.

The other major organ that is within this cage of Love is the lungs. Two in number, it too makes love to the air of our Mother Earth. Drawing in and releasing, drawing in and releasing in a ceaseless cycle of love with our Mother. This air is the milk of our Mother, which it never denies to us. Such is her love to us.

So how does one love unconditionally? How does one serve selflessly?

Love is not a switch you can turn on and off at will. One cannot be taught to Love. It must come from the centre of our being. Love must be born out of a deep desire to Love. And this germ of Love that is born thus in our heart must be nurtured ceaselessly

It has been often told that one must first Love oneself before loving others. But this self-love is not selfish Love.

This self love must be performed by expanding ones ego. By expanding it to encompass the entire universe, until in every being you see only yourself. All the veils of separation shall then be lifted and Love will flow unhindered. All the pain and pleasures, the sorrows and joys of a billion beings is yours.

Then there shall be no place for selfishness or jealousy or separation. Then you shall see through every eye and feel through every heart.

You may now ask, how can you love someone who hurt you? Someone who has inflicted much torment on you? And I tell you, there is no “someone” here. It is all You. It is all I. When you expand your ego, you will realize this at once. And you will laugh at yourself in these many disguises. In these many bodies.

Part 3

Humour is such a wonderful thing! It lets Love in so easily. It is the lubricant of Love.

You shall serve as you love, for Love and Service are conjoined twins. Both complement each other. As you love, you will find it is easier to serve. As you serve, you will find it is easier to love. Serve like that is your only goal. Do not serve to gain reward or recognition or even show others that you are serving. Serve silently and joyfully.

By serving others, you realize that you are actually only serving yourself. By feeding the hungry you are only satiating yourself. Serve till you don’t even realize that you are serving anymore. But don’t serve mechanically, serve with intense Love. Every time.

Don’t love or serve because it is your duty. It is nobody’s duty to love or serve anybody. Remember, no one owes anyone anything. But love or serve because it is a great privilege. Because you simply love it! Service without love, but out of duty, begets Karma. Even if such Karma is of the positive kind, it is still a weight to your soul. You must expend it. But service with intense love does not cause Karma. Love washes away all the Karma caused by service. Thus you will be free of Dharma and Karma.

Love is a great intoxicant, be drunk with it. Be naked in love. Be fearless and shameless in love. Once you are love crazed, you will forget the meaning of the word fear. And when you are so totally deep in love and service, a sun will shine forth from your chest and your skin will glow.

And then, when Selfless Service has become entrenched in your being, and Unconditional Love such an addiction, it will be time to rise again. Move on to greater heights.

At the Anahata, the flooding of Love & Service had done a remarkable thing to your being. It has washed away all the dirt of your lower self. But still your being is heavy with Love. It is still anchored to the Earth in the relentless commerce of Service. Even if you realize that in your every act, you are ultimately loving and serving only yourself, there is still an intrinsic duality to love. The lover and the act of loving. The expansiveness of love has inflated your being to enormous proportions. It is now time to shrink to an atom, go back to the central singularity of your being.

Just as the body abruptly tapers from its widest at the upper torso to its narrowest at the neck, your Kundalini sheds all the residual Karma and the accumulated relationships and enters the Vishudhdha Chakra, the Chakra of Purity. Here all the fat is pared away and your being emerges as a point of light. This Chakra has often been represented as the Chakra of Communication.

Although an activated Vishudhdha Chakra may enhance communication skills of the individual by making the person more creative and expressive in the arts and literature, it is misleading to term this Chakra as the Chakra of Communication. Vishudhdha Chakra is primarily the Chakra of Purity and Discrimination. It is a preparatory Chakra to the higher Ajna Chakra, the Chakra of Knowledge. To say that the function of the Vishudhdha Chakra is communication, is like saying the function of a car is to seat people. Enhanced communication is merely an effect of an activated Vishudhdha Chakra. And most often this heightened creativity and communication can be a distraction, impeding the individual’s further spiritual growth. Therefore the true seeker turns his heightened communication skills inward, rather than outward, and retreats to silence. He is now in constant communion with the very core of his consciousness.
When the Kundalini rises through the Vishudhdha, the person’s power of discrimination is also amplified. Having tasted the infinity of love at the Anahata, he now yearns to realise the infinitesimal truth therein. In silence, he dives into his own consciousness. And through discrimination he filters out the unnecessary baggage that could only slow him. All bonds and relationships are severed before he starts his Ascent past the Vishudhdha. His consciousness is the primeval egg that occurred immediately after creation. The egg of pure duality.

A momentous thing happens to the Kundalini at the Ajna chakra, the Chakra of Knowledge. The Kundalini is one with the mutually opposing Prana and Apana energies. The Sushumna merges with the Pingala and the Ida channels that represent duality. The presiding deity of the Ajna chakra is Ardhanaarishvara, half man and half woman, fused in harmony. The seeker overcomes all physicality and is in the presence of the seeker’s true sexless nature. The veil of duality is lifted and true knowledge shines forth. The Knowledge of Nothingness. The Knowledge of Neutrality. All remaining prejudices and identifications wither away in the brilliance of this knowledge. Time-Space, Good-Bad, Matter-Energy, all these dualities are transcended. The last duality that the seeker overcomes is the seeker’s own genderic identification. He or she is no longer he or she. Even among the illustrious souls of our history, few have reached this stage. They become beacons of this knowledge radiating their brilliance through silent vibrations. And most of those who have ascended past this stage are actually unknown recluses. Some prominent souls have also been misunderstood due to their rather unusual behaviour that was actually a consequence of their spiritual state.
And as the non-dual Kundalini ascends further beyond the Ajna, the seeker begins to realise the vastness of this all pervading Nothingness. Finally at the point of Ascension, the Sahasraara, the Seeker becomes this vast and limitless Nothingness. This Infinite Nothingness. The seeker sees the entire Universe as vibrations within the seeker. All language, all modes of expression, all emotions, everything is replaced by a silent and timeless bliss. This is the flowering of the Sahasraara.

This is Ascension.

(Section 2 where I discuss Mother Earth and her nadis and chakras, coming soon. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel)

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Are We Alone?

Transcription of the above video:

“Those worlds in space are as countless as all the grains of sands in all the beaches of the Earth.”—Carl Sagan.

A few years ago a study by Australian astronomers came up with an estimate of 70 sextillion stars in the known universe. This is about ten times as many stars as grains of sand in all the worlds’ beaches and deserts. Much more than even Carl Sagan's estimate. And that is only the stars our Hubble space telescope can actually see. The astronomers admitted that the number could actually be much bigger. Dr. Frank Drake professor emeritus of astronomy and astrophysics at the University of California, Santa Cruz, devised an equation to estimate the number of extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy. There have been a number of criticisms regarding the equation's effectiveness, since most of the terms in the equation are largely based on assumptions and therefore subject to wide variation. Carl Sagan used and quoted the formula often. There was even an episode in his famous 1980 television series, "Cosmos, A Personal Voyage" where he uses the Drake equation to calculate N which is the number of civilizations in our galaxy with which communication might be possible

The Drake equation has been recalculated by different groups of scientists since Sagan's passing and different values of N have been obtained applying widely varying parameters. Values of N have ranged from around 2.3 civilizations in our galaxy with which communication might be possible to over a million!

One must remember that the Drake equation considers only the possibility of life in 1 galaxy, that is our own Milky Way.

To put things in perspective, it is now believed by astronomers and scientists that there are over a hundred billion galaxies in the known universe. Our own galaxy, the Milky Way, is generally thought to be a larger than average galaxy. Even if we take a very conservative figure of 1 technologically advanced civilization per galaxy, it still becomes a mind boggling figure of over a hundred billion technologically advanced civilizations in the known universe!

Drake was probably not interested in looking at the possibility of life in other galaxies perhaps thinking they were too far away for any contact to be made.

The mistake he and other scientists make is in unconsciously assuming that a technologically advanced civilization must rely on radio astronomy and rocket propulsion for communication and space travel.

With the current scientific awareness that suggests points in the universe separated by millions of light years apart can be linked instantaneously by means of wormholes or dimensional portals, this constraint enforced by distance no longer holds. That is, a sufficiently advanced civilization would have transcended the limitations enforced by radio communication or rocket propulsion and would have mastered the science of portal creation by bending space to their advantage. Thus the Drake equation must consider the Universe as a whole instead of just our galaxy. Of course, civilizations advanced to such levels may not number a hundred billion in our Universe, since that figure is for those civilizations who have reached our level of advancement. But they should at least be in the hundreds if not thousands.

Which brings us to the most important question: If there must be such a high number of advanced civilizations, why is there such an apparent lack of evidence? This is known as the Fermi Paradox since it was Enrico Fermi, the brilliant Italian physicist and Nobel laureate who first asked that question.

To answer this question, we must first examine whether there is truly such a lack of evidence. Granted, an alien spaceship has not yet landed on the White House lawns and no alien has been reported to have asked a human that stereotypical question: "Take me to your leader". But there have been innumerable UFO sightings from all over the world from people of all walks of life. Such sightings have been reported from medieval times and continuing to present day. History is replete with icons, imagery and fables that portray strange lights in the sky and visitors from beyond our planet.

To dismiss all the thousands of sightings, many from credible witnesses, and ascribe often ridiculous explanations is hypocritical to say the least, since on one side the skeptical scientist says science is all about impartial inquiry and on the other he takes every effort to dismiss the many sightings with often highly implausible explanations. I do not wish to go into individual sightings themselves since that is too vast and beyond the scope of this video. In any case, there are innumerable videos and case files out there in the internet about credible sightings.

So it seems that it is more a case of unwillingness on the part of mainstream scientists to accept the available evidence than a case of no evidence at all. This unwillingness may stem from the fact that these advanced alien beings for some reason until now have been playing hide and seek with us. They haven’t yet come out in the open and made large scale contact with human beings, but occasionally pops up here and there as if to signal their presence. It seems as if they are watching us and watching over us. Why haven’t they come out in the open? To answer that question, we have only to look at ourselves. Human beings are, by and large, still greedy, violent and exploitative as can be seen from the many wars, injustices and disparities that exist in the world today. They are jealous, egotistical and full of prejudices that cause disharmony and hatred.

The extremely advanced technology that these alien races are bound to possess have the potential of being misused if some form of technology transfer follows after open contact. Such misuse can have catastrophic consequences for the planet as a whole. Therefore the most logical explanation to me is that they are watching and waiting until we grow up collectively and come out of this adolescence into a race of completely peaceful, loving and joyous creatures.

It is obvious that in order for a civilization to reach the highest levels of scientific advancement, the civilization must have conquered hate and war and separateness for such things are ultimately suicidal for its survival. It is therefore eminently clear that these alien beings have themselves transcended all such petty characteristics and are peaceful, loving and joyous in nature. The very fact that in spite of the countless sightings there has not been a single record of any violent engagement is proof of their peacefulness. In some ways, I feel they, in spite of their advanced technology are actually scared of us due to our violent nature and unpredictability.

Only the pure spirituality that is rooted in the realization that there is essentially no separation whatsoever between individuals that make up the race can lead it to this joyous existence. It is fashionable among scientists to think spirituality and science as mutually incompatible. Actually spirituality and science have the same goals and are essentially the same; only the language they speak are different. While both essentially seek to understand man and the cosmos that wraps around him, spirituality does so using the language of intuition, while science does so using that of perception. Where science discriminates and categorizes, spirituality unifies and integrates. Thus only through spirituality will we understand that all forms of separation are an illusion. By realizing this we conquer our own discriminating egos. We collectively become one. Thus all separating emotions such as hate and greed and jealousy and violence lose their very meaning. This is when we ascend. This is Ascension. Once this happens, we will be at a level to receive the gifts of our galactic brothers who have been patiently watching over us for millennia. The gifts that make technology and money redundant. The gifts we realize we always had.