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2012 - Secrets Revealed Chapter 3 Section 2

Mother Earth as a living organism, Her Nadis and Chakras

Just as all human beings are equipped with the non-physical spiritual organs in the form of the Kundalini system, our mother Earth too is a living, breathing, organism complete with all the seven Chakras, the Kundalini Shakti and the three Nadis.

As I said earlier, the two polar chakras, the Mooladhara and the Sahasraara, are the only two chakras that are not inside the body. The Mooladhara or the Root Chakra is at the base of the spine. In some texts it is mentioned as located at the perineum. In a sense, both are true. The dormant Kundalini shakti lies coiled three and half times, around the anus with its head poised to penetrate the Mooladhara and its tail at the perineum.
The Sahasraara or the Crown chakra is at a point slightly above the head.
Now, in my Chapter 2 video on the Hendaye cross and Kailash, I had disclosed what I believe are the locations of the Root and Crown chakras of Earth. Just to recap, I think the root chakra of Earth is at the Sacred Valley in Cusco, Peru and the crown chakra is Mount Kailash in Tibet. Let us relook once more at the synchronicities of these two places, which clearly hint to their uniquely sacred nature.
The Sacred Valley in Cusco is at the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth, just as the Root Chakra is in a ‘Valley’ of our body in our lower half. Near the Root Chakra are the two genitals of our body from where the dual nadis, the Ida and Pingala commence. Similarly, near the sacred valley are two lakes, the Laguna Piuray and the Laguna Huaypo from where the corresponding nadis of Earth commence. Since the Root Chakra is one end of the Sushumna, the Sacred Valley itself is the Southern end of the Earth’s Sushumna.
And in the northern hemisphere is Mount Kailash, the crown chakra. Near Mount Kailash are also two lakes the Manasarovar and the Rakshas Tal. Manasarovar and Rakshas Tal though much bigger are almost identical in shape with their polar counterparts, Piuray and Huaypo. These lakes near Kailash represent the sun and the moon and are also equivalent to the two eyes of the human body.
Mount Kailash, being the crown chakra, is the point of planetary Ascension.
The Ajna chakra, or the third eye of Earth is at a point beneath these two lakes. Deep within these lakes are also portals that connect to the lakes at Cusco.
As I have mentioned in my Chapter 2 video on the Hendaye cross, Kailash and Cusco are separated by 153 degrees of longitude. 153, like 13 is an Ascension number of great importance. Please refer to my Chapter 2 video to know more about its numerical peculiarities and spiritual significance. As I have said, 153 is a separation number. That is it denotes the degree of separation between the two polar chakras of Earth. Now let us see if 153 has a corresponding significance to the human body.

In the case of the human being, our reality is primarily composed of the (1) tangible physical reality that we perceive through our senses during the waking state and the (2) intangible subconscious reality that we experience during sleep and alternate states of samadhi and spiritual bliss. Therefore, to find out the degree of separation between our root and crown chakras, we must consider the physical separation and spiritual separation.

The spiritual separation is defined by the Kundalini system of seven chakras and each activated chakra carrying the three energies, the Prana, the Apana and the Kundalini. Now, in the activated crown chakra, although there is no Ida and Pingala, the Prana, Apana and Kundalini do exist as separate entities within the Sushumna. Therefore, the number for the spiritual degree of separation between the two polar chakras is 21, which is the product of 7 (chakras) and 3 (energies).

As for the physical separation, the physical equivalent of the Kundalini system is clearly the human vertebral column. And this vertebral column is generally composed of 33 individual vertebrae, which are the equivalent of the Chakras.

The number 33 is another number that has tremendous significance in all the major religions and spiritual traditions of the world. It also holds a deep occult and mystical importance. I will not be going into that since that is a subject by itself.

Now we know that the physical reality that surrounds us and that we perceive is composed of the 4 dimensions of space-time. Each of the 33 vertebrae carries the information of this surrounding 4 dimensional reality. Therefore the number for the physical degree of separation for between the two polar chakras is 132, being the product of 33 (vertebrae) and 4 (dimensions).

Thus we see that the overall separation number in the case of the human body is also strangely 153, being the sum of the spiritual separation number, 21 and the physical separation number 132. This to me, is a wonderful synchronicity that relates man to his planetary mother, Earth.

Also, if you ascribe the first seven prime numbers to the seven chakras, such that for the 1st chakra, that is the Mooladhara, we assign the first prime 2, for the second chakra, we assign the second prime 3 and so on until for the crown chakra we assign the seventh prime, which is 17. Now 17 is directly related to 153. I had highlighted this in Chapter 2 also. The sum of the first 17 counting numbers will give you 153.

This is precisely why the Hendaye cross has 17 flutes in the column that connects Kailash represented by the pedestal and Cusco, represented by the Cross. The Hendaye cross is as much a representation of the Kundalini system of the human body as for that of our mother planet.
17 here, is a connecting number that further reinforces the link between the Kundalini system and the Earth.


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