Monday, November 7, 2011

The Secret of Secrets — Part 2

The Science and Signs of the Shift

The Science of the Shift

In March, this year two American scientists, Jonas Murieka & Dejan Stojkovic proposed a radical hypothesis, in which they suggested the early universe contained fewer spatial dimensions than the three we see today. Known as the Vanishing Dimension Hypothesis, they suggested that immediately following the Big Bang, the Universe had only one spatial dimension plus one dimension of Time. In other words, the extremely hot universe of that period was only a line. According to them, at some point as it cooled, a second spatial dimension appeared and it became a plane. Then after further cooling and expanding, at some point the third dimension of space also appeared and it became the four dimensional universe as we see today. And interestingly, it also proposes that some time in future, our four dimensional Universe could even shift into a 5 dimensional Universe consisting of 4 dimensions of space and the 1 dimension of time!

This hypothesis resolved many problems in Cosmology such as the universe’s accelerated expansion, incompatibility between Relativity and Quantum mechanics, dark energy, Higgs boson etc. There was also some experimental evidence supporting their hypothesis. However, the scientists were unsure of when this Shift from a lower dimensional universe to a higher dimensional universe occurred. They suspected that it had to do with the energy levels passing a threshold.

While I think that this hypothesis is perhaps the most elegant and satisfactory explanation of the evolution of our universe and even its possible future, I would like to propose an alternative as to how exactly this Shift from a lower dimensional to a higher dimensional universe is triggered. I am not convinced that it is the energy levels of the universe that determine when a dimensional shift occurs. While a dimensional shift is a universal phenomenon (that is, it takes place simultaneously over the entire universe), energy levels are localized and vary from region to region. Hence energy levels triggering a universal Shift is unlikely.

I think a universal Shift from a lower to a higher dimension is triggered when the expanding universe closes in on itself and merges with the higher dimensional space that it encloses. For instance, a two dimensional (1 space + 1 time) “line” universe, expands in both directions. But there are minuscule imperfections to its trajectory of expansion. These imperfections ultimately contribute towards a curvature to this expansion and eventually the two ends of this “line” universe meet. It is at this point the “line” universe merges with the closed 3 dimensional (2 space + 1 time) space that it now encloses and spontaneously upgrades itself to an additional spatial dimension. Needless to say, all matter within it also becomes 3 dimensional, since at the most fundamental levels, matter is just a manifestation of space, like the waves in an ocean.

It would be worth noting that even String theory predicts 11 dimensions to space-time, the seven extra dimensions of space are too tiny and “curled up” in our present universe to have any impact. So a shift to a higher dimension would involve one of the curled up spatial dimensions becoming suddenly unwound and manifest.

The expansion doesn’t stop here. The planar universe thus formed again continues to expand. Again, the expansion curves in on itself and the planar universe merges with the four dimensional space (3 space + 1 time) that it encloses and the spontaneous upgrade to our current four dimensional universe happens.

We are at this point now and our four dimensional universe has been observed to be expanding. And the expansion is known to be accelerating. As in the previous instances, this expansion will, at one time in the future, close in on itself. The extremities of our universe will all come together. It is then that our spontaneous Shift into the fifth dimension happens.

The Signs of the Shift

I am not going to address the question as to when exactly this will happen, since I do not know. A billion years in the future? A thousand years in the future? 2012? Maybe. But I think the One Consciousness that inhabits the deepest fold of our being, that is the exact same in you, me and everyone else, knows of this moment. It is now communicating to us through innumerable signs. To prepare us for our future. Therefore, I think the Shift is imminent. It will happen in our lifetime and in the blink of an eye.

And what are these signs? One of the most enduring signs of the Shift is the Ouroboros and its many variants prevalent in almost every ancient culture, ranging from the Egyptian, Indian, Mayan, Aztec, Alchemy, Norse, Greek and Gnosticism to name a few. Yes, these signs have been there for ages but only now their message is being revealed. There have been interpretations to it being a representation of the cyclical nature of the universe, which is also true. The Shift, ultimately is cyclical in nature, ascending through worlds of higher and higher dimensions before everything collapses back to a point of zero dimensions, where even time does not exist…And again the cycle starts anew.

The Ouroboros is clearly a spectacular representation of the Shift, the extremities of the serpent that represent the universe meeting at a point triggering the universal ascension to the next higher dimension.

Even at the most mundane levels of our existence this transition is represented in the wedding ring that is worn on the day of marriage, which marks the transition of an individual’s life from being single to becoming a couple. The light-filled diamond at the centre of the ring is the meeting point, the point of the Shift.

The other signs are the crumbling of the old hierarchies and paradigms that is happening all around us. The Earth and Solar changes that are happening at this very moment. The many secrets that are suddenly being revealed.

The Shift and After

Will we survive the Shift? If so, will we be the same and what would life be like in the five dimensional world?

We will certainly survive the Shift, since we, essentially, are immortal beings. To be more accurate, we are the Creator and the Created. We are all the gods that have ever been imagined. We are One. A Single Immortal being having seven billion experiences. So there is nothing to fear. Let it go with the Flow. Realize this Truth for it alone will liberate the I that is in you.

In 5 d universe, our form will be completely different. We will be much less dense. Even now a part of our intangible selves, like the mind and thoughts reside in higher dimensions. In 5 d universe, our minds will still be in higher dimensions and hence still be intangible, but it will be far easier to communicate mentally. In fact all communications will be mental. Compared to the current world, the opening up of one more spatial dimension will render our freedoms to be multiplied many times over. Abundance would be the norm and our light filled forms will have the capacity to manifest. Our food would be light and nothing else. We will still have a lighter DNA, though composed of Carbon 7 that can directly interact with and absorb light. Carbon 7 in the 5 d universe will be stable. Money and technology would be redundant and hence meaningless.

Will every single person in the current world, ascend, you ask? It is a difficult question to answer, since it is a choice of the individual to merge in to the lighter realm of 5 d or to continue his addictions which he or she refuses to let go. Although this universe will cease, there are multiple universes of 4d and lesser that is willing to accommodate such souls and let them continue their addictions.

How then can one guarantee a place in the 5 d world? Realize that there is no Separation between you and anyone else. Love others and thus Love yourself unconditionally. Serve without thought, intention or pretension. Be simple.

It is an indescribably beautiful world that awaits us. We would be beauty manifest. Let us prepare to ascend.


Anonymous said...

I watched your video on Facebook, via Gregory Monk's posting on our shared FB News Feed. Your research is impressive, as is your genuine desire to analyze and bring some logical answers to the mystery of ascension. I believe the dimensional ascension has taken place already. Check out this site! I'd like to know your thoughts on what Michael Monk does, Hari. Also, please join me on Facebook. (Laurie Gondreau)I would love to be connected with a person like you with such a strong intellect and sense of adventure aimed at exploring our 3d world.

Evil Mary said...

Thank you, Thank you! The youtube video on carbon 7 really helped me a lot.

I can never tell if I'm channeling something of a higher dimension or if I'm crazy, but apparently my chakras have been pre-calibrated to 12.20.2012 pole shift. It seems cruel that something extra dimensional came in and did this to me so early because I can barely function. Some days I comprehend the bigger picture but most days I can't. I am very alone and confused with this ascension dilemma.

The instability of carbon 7 explains a lot, where apparently, I had this burst of extradimesional energy that dissipated and until we cross the threshold, I'll probably continue to be confused and disoriented. It's just completely unphathomable as to what is going to happen. I bet it drives you crazy that people are asking you all of these questions about global ascension. The experience is inexplicable!

Ronald Patrick Marriott said...

I have found what created Air Water Fire Earth and Aether. If it changes so do all things it is making. It is a new discovery from lightning and had no name, so I used my initials RPM for Relativistic Perturbation Mantle.

"Mantle's are the missing link in the Earths physiology and the tie between Man Metaphysics and the Dimensional world."

Ronald Patrick Marriott.

Relativistic Perturbation Mantles are a self contained Antimatter sphere wrapped in Liquid Oxygen and Carbon. They are made by Lightning and constructed of Liquid Oxygen that feeds thru Carbon to the Antimatter stabilizing it and producing high energy photons.

Mantle is Air Water Fire Earth and Aether. It has been producing all of these things for earth for 4.5 billion years. High energy photons are produced in the dimensional world or Aether for you're brains photons to connect to.

Mantle is a 12 foot diameter sphere, 2 dimensional in appearance. Mantle holds 650 lbs. of highly charged paramagnetic Liquid Oxygen in a two foot wide ring surrounding a 4' sphere of antimatter, these are held together with rings of carbon. It stays in our dimension for a few minutes while displaying holographic tendencies similar to ball lightning, until Mantle reaches maximum vibration of anti-matter and disappears into another dimension. After Mantle loses energy it returns from that dimensional world above storms falling apart discharging its contents producing what NASA has named a Sprite. (please see art)

LOx,C, antimatter creating Air Water Fire and Earth.

(Liquid Oxygen=air & water + Carbon= earth + Antimatter=fire) and now Aether