Thursday, March 13, 2014

The curious case of the number 153 and plane crashes

On the day following the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, I had posted on my Facebook page the strange involvement of the number 153 in five plane crashes in the last five years. How the number crept into the narrative following these crashes. The mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight on March 7th was also not free of 153's weird involvement. Here's my Facebook post on the same

In my previous posts, I have explained the critical significance of 153 in these times.
You may see these posts here:
and a video here:

153 is among the most important ascension numbers and is found in the mystical traditions of many of our religions and encoded into our sacred sites including the Pyramids of Egypt.
I don't have an answer to explain the inordinately high frequency of occurrence of this number in the media reports of plane crashes. Coincidence? Perhaps. I am not saying that 153 appeared in the news reports of all plane crashes in the last five years. But 5, I think is too much, especially when this number holds such a mystical significance. I think this number is present very much in our collective subconscious and through its appearance thus, nature is trying to give us a very important message. Something seems to be brewing and these are the reminders.
The links to the relevant news reports and some of the doubts that you may have are addressed in the comments on my Facebook page shown above.
It would be interesting if the MAS plane reappears on the 15th of March.

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