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"Intersection Man" sequel out now on Amazon!

Since publishing the "The Intersection Man" in 2015, I received many emails from my readers enquiring what happens after the cliff-hanger ending of the book. After much dilly-dallying, I started writing the sequel sometime mid-2016. As is often the case, the writing soon took a life of its own and in March 2017, I typed in the concluding line of the novel. I must admit, this gave me an immense sense of satisfaction. Especially since all the loose ends of part 1 was, I felt, satisfactorily resolved in the sequel.

The sequel comprised of two parts. In other words, it was a three-part novel if you include the first part that was published in 2015. I decided to split the sequel into two parts since they were set in different time periods.
The first round of editing was completed in April 2016. However, this time I decided to get some professional help for a more detailed editing. It took another five months before the complete volume of "Intersection Man" became available on Amazon. If you notice, I decided to drop the definite article, 'the' this time. "Intersection Man" is not merely the sequel but includes part 1, 2 and 3 bundled together in a single volume of 408 pages (135,000 words).
Since its publication, I have started receiving some encouraging feedback. One of which is given below:

To know more about the book, please visit the Milky Way Books website, where you can find a short synopsis. There you may read the first four chapters of the book for free. A link to the Facebook page of the book is also provided there. The Facebook page contains a ton of information and graphics related to the book. The Ebook version of the book, which you can read on your smartphone, tablet or Kindle is only $1. The paperback version can be purchased from Amazon for $17.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Intersection Man

My latest science fiction novel now available at and Amazon (paperback & Kindle).

Read the first few pages for free at

Although the story is fictional, there are deep inner meanings in it for you to decipher.

A few words about the cover:
The cover of the book depicts two snakes each curved around in a circle. They are attacking each other as well as each trying to swallow their tale.
The snake-eating-its-tail is an ancient symbol, known as the 'Ouroboros' to the Greeks and is found across almost all mystical and religious traditions, known by different names. To the ancient Egyptians, it appears as a motif in the 'Enigmatic Book of the Netherworld' in the tomb of Tutankhamun. In India, this self-eating snake can be found encircling the dancing Nataraja aspect of Shiva. It is also found in Norse mythology and many alchemical treatises.
It represents the cyclic nature of the universe and each of these snakes symbolize a parallel universe the protagonist Levan Lamarr resides in.
Two such Ouroboros, one black & one white, are juxtaposed to derive yet another mystical symbol, known as the Vesica-Piscis. The Vesica-Piscis is another symbol extensively found in Christian art to depict Christ as a being living simultaneously in the two worlds of Heaven and Earth.
On a scientific/mathematical level, the image is a Venn diagram depicting the Intersection of two sets.
The central human figure is Levan Lamarr, lying in the pod of the Entangler undergoing the process of healing described in the book. It is also reminiscent of the famous Vitruvian man drawing of Leonardo Da Vinci that sets out the perfect proportions of Man.
In the book, Levan Lamarr is not just at the intersection of the two worlds, but, according to the words of the scientist, Dr. Jonah Salter "is the intersection itself".
Here's a video on the book, with much more detail. It is in HD, so please view it on full screen:

A Short Synopsis:
The year is 2025. Levan Lamarr, a former Marine, is dying of cancer. His wife, Mira, is pregnant and due to deliver their first child in a week.
He is approached by a mysterious scientist, a Dr. Salter, who offers him a chance. His device, 'The Entangler', can, in theory, reset the health of the patient to any point in the past. But in the process, it creates a Quantum Entanglement between two of Levan's bodies, each of which is in a parallel universe (according to the Many-Worlds Theory). Both bodies share a single consciousness. The entanglement is temporary and expected to last a few days.
Levan, who is cured, perceives both universes superimposed. Initially, both universes are identical until Dr. Salter causes a divergence. But a series of unexpected events follow and things go horribly wrong. Levan is finally faced with the most difficult choice any man can face.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

On Dark Matter

This is the text of an email I sent to many of the leading scientists currently working on Dark Matter/Dark Energy. I had started sending similar emails since mid 2012, when I thought about the 'Perforated Universe Hypotheses'. Most did not respond, and among the few who did, some said they didn't read it since there was no 'Math', and the one who did 'quickly browse through', did not find anything wrong with my reasoning, but thought my hypotheses was 'unlikely' without elaborating why. Anyway, I thought I will post it as a Note here:

My name is Hari Kumar and I am from Canada. 

I am looking at the Dark Matter mystery more from a detective’s perspective than a scientist’s :) .

What we seem to know is that the total mass–energy of the known universe contains about 5% ordinary matter, 27% dark matter and 68% dark energy. That is to say, dark matter should account for more than 5 times the mass of normal matter that makes up the visible stuff. Yet it has not been detected on Earth even with our most sensitive dark matter detectors such as the LUX detector. Moreover, from what I have read so far, I get the idea that scientists are certain of the presence of Dark Matter in halos of galaxies, yet am I right to say that it has not yet been detected within the galaxies themselves?

Could it be possible that the LUX detectors could not detect Dark Matter simply because there isn’t any in the vicinity of our Earth? That would essentially mean that Dark Matter distribution is perhaps non uniform across our galaxy. Since it seems to be localized in galactic halos, and perhaps such regions that are gravitationally neutral (I am not sure I am using the right term here, what I mean is regions of space that have little gravitational influence from other massive bodies, like Lagrangian points) and not in the vicinity of the gravitational field of massive objects, isn't it more plausible that Dark Matter is actually gravitationally repulsive with respect to normal matter?

Hence, the place to look for Dark Matter may not be on Earth, but rather in regions of space that are beyond the gravitational influence of massive objects. Even our Sun and planets (including our Earth) may be wrapped by very soft shells of Dark Matter. Since unlike normal matter, which has a tendency to clump together at larger scales due to their gravitational attraction, Dark Matter would be much less dense and dispersed fairly uniformly in the remote intergalactic regions  of our Universe. They may be found within galaxies too, but over time they may have a tendency to ‘bubble up’ or ‘bleed out’ to the peripheries of the galaxy due to the dynamics of star motion. Thus a way to test this is to confirm by observation that the presence of dark matter within galaxies may be higher for galaxies that are further away from us. In other words, the closer the galaxy is the greater is the concentration of dark matter in its outer galactic halo and lesser within (Matter and Dark Matter will be more separated).
Now, what is this ‘Dark Matter’ and why is it gravitationally repulsive with respect to normal matter? My understanding of General Relativity tells me that (attractive) gravity is the (negative) curvature of space-time caused by matter within our universe. Then, would it be right to assume that matter outside our universe can positively curve our space-time thus causing gravitational repulsion? Therefore Dark Matter could in essence be matter in this universe but not of this universe. To elaborate, Dark Matter could be matter contained in microscopic bubble universes within our own universe. Hence Dark Matter is both outside our universe and in our universe! They are separate universes since they are bounded by spatially 2 dimensional M brane ‘bubbles’ or perforations. Since with respect to our universe, they would be positively curved, these spatial bubbles would be gravitationally repulsive with the normal matter of our universe.

The accumulation of ‘foamy’ dark matter in the peripheries (halos) of the galaxies, would in effect act somewhat like the hemispheric walls of the ‘wall of death’ acts in carnivals and circuses, where motorcyclists have to travel at greater speeds to remain circling inside the sphere and farther away from the centre. The further up they have to move, the greater the speeds they need to maintain.

The motorcyclists are like the stars at the outer periphery of the galaxy that are under the influence of the repulsive forces of the dark matter, which forces the stars to speed up to maintain the outer orbits.
In the process, these stars may lose mass due to the effects of the dark matter foam, thus causing loose clouds of extremely hot gases in the peripheries. Also these stars are likely to be much smaller than those closer to the galactic centre. These too can be checked by observation.

The foamy dark matter’s repulsive push would be proportional to the mass of the normal-matter body that it comes in contact to. Thus it is unlikely to pose much detectable resistance to smaller objects like meteorites and almost no measurable gravitational effects on light. However, bending of light due to dark matter may still be effected due to something similar to optical refraction (due to the layering of dark matter—the finer/smaller bubbles of dark matter is likely to be present closest to the surface of the massive body. The attached image of the Dark Matter Shell structure would shed more light).
This idea of dark matter as space-time perforations (or foam), may eliminate the need for a separate theory of ‘dark energy’ to explain the accelerated expansion of the universe, since the continued accumulation of repulsive dark matter would fuel the observed accelerated expansion.

Additionally, the presence of repulsive dark matter from the moment of the Big Bang can also satisfactorily explain why the entire mass of the universe did not collapse back into a Black Hole moments after the Big Bang. In fact, I think it is more plausible that the exponential expansion immediately following the Big Bang was propelled largely due to this repulsive Dark Matter than any faster than light expansion of space.

In summary this idea, which I call the "Perforated Universe Hypothesis" proposes an integrated explanation for Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Dark Matter as extradimensional matter trapped in "perforations" in our universe's 3 dimensional (excluding time) space, where only the gravitational effects leak through. They are wrapped in closed 2 dimensional M branes, much like fine bubbles. Since their space-time is positively curved with respect to our universe, they would be gravitationally repulsive with matter in our universe. Hence this dark matter would only be present in gravitationally neutral areas outside concentrations of matter such as stars and planets, akin to a foamy but invisible shell around planets, stars, planetary systems and galaxies. They would be exerting a "soft" repulsive force towards normal matter. This explains the presence of dark matter in the halos around our galaxy, whose repulsive push keeps the stars in the periphery within orbits inside the galaxy. Also as the repulsive force that pushes galaxies apart causing the observed accelerated expansion of the universe. For more details see the link below.

Additional Links and References:

Thank you for your patience.

Hari Kumar

After sending the above message, more evidence that supports my hypotheses has been observed:
  • I have been saying all along that Dark Matter, due to its unique property of being gravitationally repulsive, forms a shell around galaxies and other massive objects. The report here ( describes just such a shell around the dwarf galaxy called the Smith Cloud, which scientists say protected it during a collision with the Milky Way millions of years ago. If Dark Matter were gravitationally attractive with respect to normal matter, this could not have happened, since then the Dark Matter sheath (and much of the gas in the Smith Cloud) would have been absorbed by the Milky Way (due to its gravitational attraction), during its passage through our galaxy.
  • More such protective shells of dark matter around galaxies have been observed. The image below is from the ( on Dark Matter throughout the Universe:

  • If the gravitational effect of Dark Matter was attractive in nature just like normal matter, they would also form black holes just like normal matter and the universe would have that much more black holes (since Dark Matter is 5 times as abundant as normal matter). But such additional Dark Matter black holes have not been observed, especially in areas supposed to be dense with dark matter. If Dark Matter were gravitationally repulsive, they can never form black holes and would agree with what is observed--black holes formed by the gravitational collapse of massive stars made of normal matter only.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The curious case of the number 153 and plane crashes

On the day following the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, I had posted on my Facebook page the strange involvement of the number 153 in five plane crashes in the last five years. How the number crept into the narrative following these crashes. The mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight on March 7th was also not free of 153's weird involvement. Here's my Facebook post on the same

In my previous posts, I have explained the critical significance of 153 in these times.
You may see these posts here:
and a video here:

153 is among the most important ascension numbers and is found in the mystical traditions of many of our religions and encoded into our sacred sites including the Pyramids of Egypt.
I don't have an answer to explain the inordinately high frequency of occurrence of this number in the media reports of plane crashes. Coincidence? Perhaps. I am not saying that 153 appeared in the news reports of all plane crashes in the last five years. But 5, I think is too much, especially when this number holds such a mystical significance. I think this number is present very much in our collective subconscious and through its appearance thus, nature is trying to give us a very important message. Something seems to be brewing and these are the reminders.
The links to the relevant news reports and some of the doubts that you may have are addressed in the comments on my Facebook page shown above.
It would be interesting if the MAS plane reappears on the 15th of March.

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